You can follow the steps below when you encounter problems while participating in the live broadcast.

Issue 1 - A quota limit has been set for this course. You cannot enter the class until a student leaves the class.

A live broadcast quota for 150 people is determined for each lesson. In order for the broadcast to be effective, a maximum of 150 people should attend. For this reason, even if the 151st person is the administrator, he cannot enter the class.

Issue 2 - Use latest version of supported browser.

If you see the error You must use the latest version of a supported browser, please update your browser. If it shows that you are already using the latest version on the App Store or Google Play, your device may not support the latest version of the browser. The latest version available for your device may not meet the browser requirements. The technology we use supports new generation browsers and devices. Use a computer or download Firefox for your mobile device and try to connect again.

Problem 3 - I can't hear the instructor.

Make sure you give speaker confirmation while attending the class. Follow the instructions in the following support content to participate in the class by voice.

Make sure the speaker of your computer or mobile device is turned on. - Your device may be connected to a powered external speaker.

Headphone icon must be active on the live broadcast screen. There should be a headset icon in the field with your own name.

Problem 4 - I can't see the instructor.

Make sure your internet speed is at least 2 mbps. If you are using a shared internet, make sure that other users are not downloading files or watching videos.

Close other apps running in the background. Close any other tabs and windows open in the browser.

Check if your browser is the recommended and latest version. You can see which browsers you should use in this support guide.

Clear browser cookies.

There may be corruption in your browser's settings. Check the browser settings and delete and reinstall if necessary.

Problem 4 - Instructor audio and video are intermittent.

This problem may be caused by the instructor's internet. The disconnection of the Internet can sometimes be caused by the cordless phone in the next apartment, sometimes by the microwave oven at home. In the chat area, see if all students are having problems. If students do not write that they are having problems, check your internet connection. Your computer or mobile device may be making a backup.
Especially the lessons held at and after 23.00 hours coincide with the times when mobile devices usually make backups.
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