You have achieved the development you want in your career so far, but from now on you want to focus on different fields. Or you are just at the beginning of your business life and you want to improve yourself to evaluate a wider range of business opportunities. This is where certificate programs come into play.

Certificate programs are an indication that the importance given to education has increased in recent years. Although subjects such as high school and university diplomas and work experience are still necessary conditions for recruitment, companies are now looking for various certificates and specialist training documents in candidates. Because the opening of new business areas brings with it the necessity of individuals to have different skills.

How long is the certificate valid? Is it approved by any institution?
These are the questions we come across the most.

So, how effective is having so many certificates in our pockets in our job interviews?

Participating in certificate programs primarily contributes to improving ourselves, expanding our network, and specializing in that subject if we are studying or working in a different field other than our education. As for the answers to the questions, the following questions will not be asked in job interviews. (if we are not aiming for a career in the public sector.) Is your certificate approved by any institution? How long is the validity period?

However, the following will be asked;

What did you learn in the certificate programs you attended?

What kind of contribution did it make to you, can you give examples of the subjects you have learned?

Did you find the opportunity to apply the subjects you learned in business life?

Which trainers have you received training from and are you still in contact with these trainers?

Cold stamp is applied to all certificates you receive at Istanbul Business Institute. It is valid in private and public institutions. The fee of 119₺ charged by you is the cold stamp fee.
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