You have two profiles in your institute account. One includes basic account related functions such as reading and writing blog posts, registering for trainings, obtaining certificates, viewing certificates, sending to others.

You can log in to this account at

Your second profile includes attending classes, live lessons, grades, practice exams, student groups, and applications related to coursework.

You can log in to this account at

Username and passwords
When you create a new account at, an automatic account is created for and the login information is the same.

Password change

Changing the password.
You can change the password for this profile by entering

Changing password
Log in to and click on the "Profile" section. Enter a new password in the password change field. You will automatically change both your iienstitu and uzm passwords.

You can log in to from your account without a password. For this, click on the "Go to Training/Upcoming Events" section on the page.
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